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Pour pouvoir utiliser les services bancaires en ligne de la Banque Manuvie, vous devez activer Javascript. Pour voir les instructions s'appliquant Ó l'activation de Javascript, cliquez ici.

Information regarding $US cheques

Manulife Bank is no longer able to accept $US cheques from accounts with a US financial institution due to recent regulatory changes in the United States.

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Protect your personal information

Manulife Bank takes financial fraud very seriously.

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Your access card will keep working through December 2016

New Manulife Bank access cards are being issued to all our clients during 2016. 

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Most common bill payee companies in Quebec

The list of the most common bill payee companies used by Quebec customers is available.

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General Terms, Operating Agreements, Declaration of Trusts

Find the General Terms, Operating Agreement or Declaration of Trust for your account.

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Professional advice

We offer two different ways to get the professional advice you need to make well-informed choices about your financial future.

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